Welcome to Dirt-Tech

Here's what Adam Lunn, who drives the #53 Trophy Truck says about Dirt-Tech - "My Dirt-Tech Pro Series Housing takes all the punishment my 5k pound 750 horsepower Trophy Truck can deliver! It is one of the few components that I dont worry about at all during a race".

Builders like Mark Newhan choose DIRT-TECH products for their important projects.

Dirt-Tech is proud to support Eric Barron's LAT Racing Oils Pro 4 Truck in the Lucas Oil Series. Eric Runs a Dirt-Tech rear end, along with some other miscellaneous fab parts.

Congratulations to Robert Mamer on his 2011 Jeep Speed Championship. Robert came to us several years ago and said he needed a bullet proof suspension and that’s what we built him. Roberts Jeep utilizes a custom built Dirt-Tech front axle and three link center arm. In the rear he's got our standard Jeep Speed trailing arms and 3 inch Premier axle housing.