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Dirt-Tech's Projects - Tyler's Truck

Tyler brought Dirt-Tech his partialy started truck and was in need of some help. We started out by striping the truck of all that was not going to be needed. We went through the pre-existing cage work and strenghtened it up and built an entirely new front cage. After that it got 2.5 Fox Coil Over and Bypass Shocks. After mounting all the rest of the components up front we built him a bullet proof front bumper and monted the Fiberworx Front Clip. In the Rear we set him up with a set of Deaver Springs and a 16 inch 2.5 Fox Bypass. Under the springs is a Dirt-Tech 3 inch Axle Housing. For rear lights Tyler opted for the Dirt-Tech Light Boxes. To Finish it off we wrapped it with Fiberworx Bedsides.